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Prosecutor: Trump ally organized meeting With ballot employee

Prosecutor: Trump ally organized meeting With ballot employee

A Georgia poll worker who former President Donald Trump falsely accused of voting fraud, has said she was threatened with prison time during a meeting that was setup by a Trump ally.


 Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is investigating if the former President and his allies tried to illegally influence the 2020 election. Earlier this week, Willis filed documents in court seeking testimony from Willie Lewis Floyd, who was affiliated with Black Voices for Trump, an organization that aimed to increase support for Trump.


Willis claims Floyd was asked to set up a meeting with the poll worker that former President Trump falsely accused of voting fraud to discuss an "immunity deal."

Willis said Floyd had Trevian Kutti meet with that poll worker. According to Willis' court filing, Kutti told the poll worker that “an armed squad” of federal officers would approach her and her family within 48 hours. And that she had access to  “very high-profile people that can make particular things happen in order to defend yourself and your family.”

During a phone call with Kutti and Floyd, the poll worker was threatened to give up information under the threat of imprisonment, Willis said. 


The poll worker and her daughter, who was also a poll worker, appeared before the House Jan 6. Committee to tell lawmakers how election fraud lies had a damaging impact on their lives. 

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